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Drew's Baseball Card Collection

I am a baseball fan.  I have been a baseball since I was about six, and I am still a baseball fan.  I played Little League and High School Baseball, and a lot of softball after that, so I have some sense of what it takes to be a good player.  Over the years I've even played against teams featuring Steve Garvey, Davey Johnson, Tony LaRussa and Lou Piniella.  After I ended my playing career I began collecting baseball cards.  I now have a collection of over one million cards.  Most of these cards are of contemporary players, but my favorite cards -- and players -- were those of my early childhood. The following cards feature some of players I admired most when I was young.

Joe DiMaggio:Babe Ruth:Lou Gehriq

Al Simmons:Hank Greenberg:Carl Hubbell

Mickey Mantle:Henry Aaron:Frank Robinson

Bob Feller:Ed Mathews:Smokey Burgess

Ted Kluszewski:John Antonelli:Yogi Berra

Eston Howard:Roy Sievers:Vern Lae

Harmon Killebrew:Camilo Pascual:Roberto Clemente

I wish that I could share more of my favorite cards with you, but there are too many of them to fit onto any homepage.  Enjoy.

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