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This Page contains Drew Hurley's best literary works. These works are arranged in three sections: Plays, Prose and Poems. All of these works are arranged for your selected viewing below.


One Acts Plays.
["Distraction" has been staged twice.]
  1. Distraction
  2. Savior Of The World


  1. A Walk
  2. Communion
  3. Charley's Law
  4. Charley's Power Pitch
  5. The Death Of Frederico Garcia Lorca
  6. The Secret To A Successful Marriage
  7. Think With Me
  8. I Write Poems
  9. Alone


  1. Day
  2. The Measure of Giants
  3. The Horse Show
  4. Mechanic's Lament
  5. Reflections, Of A Sort
  6. Treatise
  7. Paradox
  8. Reality
  9. Fog
  10. Moby
  11. Love Is Black
  12. Tomorrow's Child
  13. The Sailor's Happy Song
  14. Tomorrow's Sun
  15. Spring
  16. Prince Of Night
  17. Warrior
  18. What Gives You The Right?
  19. An Old Man's Regret
  20. I Am Love
  21. Love Grows
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