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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold


Advice - and Prayer

by Rachel A. Gold

Be not overlong, love!
Feeling is so strong, love
Here's where you belong, love
Be a gentleman, sweet--
Gentle as you can, sweet
Also be a man, sweet
In my heart such love is singing
For you--I can not repress it
I love you, and you love me, dear
So, why do we not confess it?
Then come to me soon, love
Place our love at noon, love,
Grant to me a boon, love
If we wait too long, sweet
That will be grave wrong, sweet
Come where you belong, sweet!
For our love will last forever
Why waste days in fruitless longing?
When, we can our arms embracing
Live, one heart to both belong

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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