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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold



by Rachel A. Gold

Before the house a cement walk
Was occupied one day
By two small brothers who were just
Intent upon their play

They drew some pictures on the walk
With rocks they held in hand
they thought the things they drew were fine
Which they could understand

When one small boy was finished
What he was working at
He pointed to his picture, and
He said "Now what is that?"

The other brother looked at it
And then he firmly said
"It is a moo-pella" but then
The other shook his head

"It's not a moo-pella" he cried
"You see - I'll show to you
It is a ba-pella" and then
The other saw twas true

So both small brothers happily
Continued in their play
While mother watched and listened and
Stored memories away

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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