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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

Catherine Anne Reintges
born on Feb. 24, 1997 at 9:48 PM .
Weight- 5 lb 9 oz
17 in long.
She is a beautiful baby .

Great Granddaughter

While I admired the little one
A friend said "She is grand!"
And with a smile I said to her
"You do not understand!"

"You see, she is not only grand
She's also great and grand!"
My friend said "Well, I think I know
Ah, yes! I understand

She is the child of your grand child
She's beautiful and sweet!
Congratulations to you all
Your joy must be complete!"

Then we rejoiced together, and
She hugged me happily
As I admired the newest member
Of our family

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Poetry by Rachel A Gold

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