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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

Last Day of School

by Rachel A. Gold

School was over for the year
And I felt very chill
My mother said "You may not pass
You've been so often ill"

We greeted teacher happily
And teacher told us then
She'd much enjoyed us every one
A lovely class we'd been

Then she called each one to her desk
And gave the waiting class
A written paper - I'd soon see
For sure if I would pass

I took my paper in my hand
But when I tried to see
If on the slip the news was good
My heart sank instantly

You see, I'd been in first grade
And there I learned to read
But I could not read her writing
A mystery indeed!

I turned and started homeward
And I was very sad
I was quite sure I had not passed
I felt the news was bad

I could not help it, I began
To cry and cry and cry
Then someone stopped and said to me
"My darling, tell me why?"

But I walked home to mother, and
I sadly hid my face
I told her that I did not pass
But in a fond embrace

She said "This notice tells me
That you passed easily
I'm very proud of you, my child
As proud as I can be"

So I felt happy all at once
For I was glad to know
When Mother told me anything
I knew that it was so

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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