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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold


The Nest

by Rachel A. Gold

When I sat on the porch in my big rocking chair
I was able quite clearly to see
A pair of small birds who were building a nest
On a limb of a very tall tree.
They worked very hard, very soon it was done
And the lady bird rested, secure
And then I was certain that in a short time
The young birds would be there, for sure.
Soon four little fledglings filled up the home nest
They grew up so big and so fast
They sprouted their feathers and waved their small wings
As if they would leave at the last.
Then one day I watched them admiringly as
One, two and three fluttered bravely along
I knew that the parents were happy because
The father bird sang a glad song
But one little bird still remained in the nest
He seemed undecided to fly
He told his proud mother "I haven't learned how."
His mother remarked "You can try."
And soon he did try, and he found very soon
How very much fun it could be
To spread his small wings and to flutter along
And have a good time in the tree
And then at last he swiftly soared away,
And called "Goodbye - I will come back some day."


Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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