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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold


New Life

by Rachel A. Gold

I am one acquainted with the stars
I am one who knows well passions kiss
I've felt so often times emotions depths
But never this!

I sought so long and far the height of bliss
Had seen all, knew all - so I proudly thought
But never have I found so strange a spell
As you have wrought-

The hours 'twixt darkest dusk and faintest dawn
Have always been the hours for my play
But I am strangely bored by everything
With you away --

The roaring lions of my loosed desires
Have somehow been subdued, and humbly stand,
And now I kneel before your altar fire,
My heart in hand.

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

Tuesday, 04-May-2010 14:48:29 EDT