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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

New Year's Resolution

by Rachel A. Gold

Today is New Years - I will make
These promises to me -
Whatever pathway I should take
I really hope to see

A better person in myself
And stay close to my diet
If better ways occur to me
Then I promise then to try it.

If opportunity occurs
When I can help another
I'll gladly help each one in need
And love each needy brother

I'll thank the Lord each day because
He is so good to me
He keeps our souls in safety for
We are His family

So, thank you, Lord, and thank you Lord
For all your blessings, and
Please guide us always, every one
And help us understand

That we are Yours, and You are ours
I pray You honestly
Help us to walk in Thy blest way
United, brave, and free.

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

Tuesday, 04-May-2010 14:48:29 EDT