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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

The Rhythm Class

by Rachel A. Gold

"We want rhythm. We want rhythm!"
What is it they all are saying?
"Rhythm, rhythm! Give us rhythm,
To begin the team to playing!"
Backward, forward, in the sunlight,
One step back and one ahead,
Bending slowly to the music,
Keeping time with steady tread;
'Tis the rhythm class.
In the colleges and high schools,
Rhythm classes keep on forming,
Bending, swaying, like an elm tree
In the summer breeze at morning!
It used to be Health Education, -
Phys. Ed., as they called it, groaning,
Since they've changed the name, I hear,
The students have all ceased their moaning.
Bow and softly pass!

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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