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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

O, I Set Sail in a Silver Ship

by Rachel A. Gold

O, I set sail in a silver ship,
To seek my love in a star-lit sky,
I passed other lovers, on clouds afloat,
Who hailed my ship as she scurried by.

"O, where is your lover, anxious one?
We have not seen him the whole night through.
And we have been sailing since set of sun,
And now 'tis near time for the morning dew."

I landed my ship at my cottage door,
And, pinned on the panel, a message white,
My lover had placed while I long sailed o'er,
To seek him all through the summer night.

"All night I wandered the city streets,
Or waited patiently by your door;
Ah, happy the heart which a lover greets,
But sad when love's parted forevermore.

I saw your bright craft sailing everywhere,
Far, far above me up in the sky;
they told of your search for me in the air;
Alas for your lover! I cannot fly."

Swiftly I ran through the city street,
To seek my lover at break of day;
And when I had found him, I told him, "Sweet,
At last I have found thee, to hold alway!"

And then my lover replied to me,
"I cannot soar where you love to fly."
"Then I will fly never, except with thee!
Love me forever! And, ship, goodby!"

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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