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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

In Third Grade

by Rachel A. Gold

In third grade, once quite suddenly
A happy chance occurred
I saw a fifth reader, and
I could read every word

My friend said "If you like to read
I'll tell you what to do
The Public Library has books
Which they will lend to you."

The Library was very close

So there I went at last
I asked the lady there in charge
If she'd lend me books fast

Now I was very, very small
So to my great surprise
She opened up a children's book
And held before my eyes

"Can you read this?" she asked me and
I showed her that I could
And she said "Yes, I see you can
Your reading is quite good."

She gave to me a card to get
A signature from home
And Mother signed it willingly
And in the days to come

At first I checked out children's books
But soon I learned to read
The books for older folks and then
I felt my mind was freed

And so I read and read and read
And I read happily I learned of many far-off things
That I would love to see

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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