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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

Thoughts of You

By Rachel A. Gold

Tonight, while kneeling, dear, I cannot pray,
For thoughts of you are creeping in, unsought,
Here on my knees I think of other days
And dreams of joys our romance might have brought.
I seem to see you standing in the door
Framed like a living picture, there you stand
Just as the time, I did not know you then,
When I passed by with flowers in my hand.
I wanted so to throw you one, I saw
That you would understand, but I refrained
And then I see you, when we first had met
That party where your dainty shoes got stained
With punch that, clumsily, I spilt on you,
I wanted just to watch your mobile face,
So did not watch my feet. And then that time
When we were rowing, 'twas a perfect place
A lovely moon, and myriads of stars,
At first we talked, and then we silently
And slowly rowed, then drifted with the stream.
At last, reluctantly, you said to me,
"Let us return." And then that time we went
to see the ruins of the mansion old;
You were so kind that day, I dared to hope
You cared a little. Not for all the gold
The world holds would I sell that memory
A day or two was left, and then you went,
For you had been summer visitor,
And with you all my hopes and dreams were sent.
Today I heard the news I truly hope
That I'll get to the wedding. If I don't,
You won't miss me so very much. The more
I try to pray, I have these thoughts of you;
A little of your fragrance I have caught,
And cannot lose it quickly. Here I kneel
And dream of joys our romance might have brought.

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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