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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold



by Rachel A. Gold

Eager bit of barking dogdom,
Upflung rush in welcoming;
Sniffs at packages one's holding,
Tries to get the things we bring.
Mama asks, "You want some gum, Toots?"
Tootsie does, quite visibly;
Upward looks of cross-eyed pleasure
As she chews it hungrily.
With the birddogs at the jailhouse
Growlingly she runs and plays;
Nothing she enjoys so much, quite,
As this daily merry chase.
Teasing Tad is her delight, too,
Poor cat, torment is his lot,
What a blessing he has leisure
When he sleeps upon the cot!
Underneath the bed to lie down
Tootsie loves to sleep the best
Not a feather bed, she thinks, would
Be so good a place to rest.
But at night - poor Tootsie - then
She is tied up. - I cannot blame
Her for not enjoying this
For I'm sure I'd feel the same.

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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