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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold


by Rachel A. Gold

Humble and half-afraid, before the shrine
Built high within my heart to you I knelt;
My love burned on it as an altar-fire,
No wonder my eyes told you how I felt!

You knew my love for you was as the sun,
It warmed my heart, and unfolded the bud
Of hitherto asleep and dreaming self,
Which now felt life in fiercely coursing blood

Filled to the brim with passion well-controlled,
For hope and fear were mingled in a stream,
Of wonder at the loveliness of life,
And fear that morrow prove it but a dream.

All this you knew; you gaily turned your back,
And glanced around with anxious unconcern;
I stood half-unbelieving, and despair
Overwhelmed me like a flood; you would not turn

To look or smile; at last you came and said
That we were friends, I acted cold, why this?
Then love broke bounds, and kneeling at your feet,
My love confessed found Heaven in your kiss.


Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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