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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

The Wanderer

by Rachel A. Gold

I don't regret our parting -
We put it off too long -
I don't regret my leaving,
Though there's where I belong;
I somehow feel relieved, dear,
Now that we are apart,
For nature gave me, dear,
A roving heart.

The ways we trod together,
To me were very sweet;
You played the game right fairly,
And I am not a cheat;
And though my heart leaps forward
I never can forget
Your thrilling smile the first
Time we met.

I'm sorry that we quarrelled,
Although it had to be,
I'm sorry that we had to part,
But it was best, I see,
I couldn't stay there longer;
But, where e'er I roam,
The place where you are staying,
I'll count that home.

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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