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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

Wedding Night

Wedding Night

by Rachel A. Gold

Hold me this night, darling,
Tight in your arms;
Tomorrow brings troubles,
And dreaded alarms;
Tonight is the perfect time,
For us to prepared
So hold me tight, darling,
And let joy be shared.
Moon in heaven,
Shining for us;
Fire on the hearthstone
Burning for us;
What are the stars thinking
Up in the sky,
But of our perfect love,
Sent from on high?
Bend your lips down to mine,
Bend down your heart,
Ne'er shall earth, from this kiss
Tear us apart.
Heaven is smiling down,
Praying for you,
So must it, from this hour,
Pray for me, too.
So, enough, words are vain,
How can I tell,
That your love is highest heaven,
And, lack of it, hell.

Poetry by Rachel A Gold

Copyright 1996-2000

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